The Difference Between Luxury Extensions and Ordinary Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become an increasingly popular way for the modern multidimensional woman to change up her hairstyle with minimal commitment and maximal effect. Luxury extensions’ most recent surge in popularity has been due to celebrities’ use of them to quickly change up their style, but the origins of hair extensions go much farther back in history.

A Brief History of Hair Extensions

The use of hair extensions dates back to ancient Egypt. We have proof of this in the form of an actual Egyptian grave from ca. 3400 BC. The scattered fragments of hair from the plundered grave of a middle-aged Egyptian woman found in the workers’ cemetery at Hierakonpolis (Kom el-Ahmar) show that her hairstyle was the result of many hours of work by someone other than the lady herself: her natural shoulder-length hair had been filled out with hair extensions.

Common Types of Hair Extensions

There are several types of hair extensions in common use today:

  • Sew-in extensions (also known as weave hair extensions)
  • Clip-in extensions
  • Tape-in extensions
  • I-Tips (also known as fusion, bonding, or pre-bonded hair extensions)
  • Microlink extensions
  • Wigs / perucas / hair pieces

In this article, we’re going to focus on the first four in our list above.

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Sew-in extensions

Sew-in extensions are sewn onto natural braided hair and last for six to eight weeks. The process of getting sew-in extensions can take up to several hours, and the strain on the scalp produced by the application makes them best for women with thicker hair.

Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are wefts of hair attached to a cloth or lace base with clips. They can be clipped on to your natural roots and provide an easy way to get instant long, voluminous hair. Clip-in extensions generally last three to six months with proper care. However, luxury virgin hair extensions, which use high-quality, unprocessed hair, can last much longer (more on that later).

Tape-in extensions

Tape-in hair extensions should only be installed professionally. They are taped onto the sides of your natural hair with adhesive weft tape. Jasmine Nicole partners with salons for installation of our luxury tape-in extensions.


I-Tips, also known as fusion or pre-bonded extensions, also need to be installed by professionals. They are individual strands of human hair attached to the root of the hair by a tool that looks a lot like a glue gun. Jasmine Nicole partners with salons for installation of our I-Tips.

How to Decide Which Type of Hair Extensions Are Best for You

Consider how long the extensions will last

Common sew-in extensions typically last for six to eight weeks, clip-ins last three to six months, tape-in extensions last between four and eight weeks, and I-tips can last three to four months. However, because all Jasmine Nicole luxury hair products are made of the finest raw, unprocessed hair that is 100 percent free of any synthetic or Chinese blends, our luxury extensions can be reused and can last almost forever with proper care.

Your hair type and scalp health matter

Certain types of extensions work better with certain hair types. You will get the most satisfaction from your luxury extensions if you choose the right type for your hair.

Sew-in extensions

These work best for people with natural hair as they are installed by cornrowing the hair from ear to ear and then sewing the extensions into the braids with a needle and thread. This type treatment often puts a strain on the scalp, which is why they are best for thicker hair.

Clip-in extensions

Luxury clip-in extensions are best for medium-density hair. These extensions are the easiest on the scalp because they require no braiding or gluing. Clip-ins are also used by people who want to try extensions before deciding on a more permanent solution.

Tape-in extensions

These are best for fine, thin hair because the tape is virtually invisible. These extensions can be reused, and application time is usually around one hour.


These are best for medium to thick hair. One thing to know, though: I-tip extensions will need to be re-tipped after one or two uses, as the bond slowly breaks down over time.

Materials Used for Hair Extensions

You may be surprised to know that many hair extensions are made with a blend of 50% natural hair and 50% synthetic materials. Not only that, but often extensions are made from “barbershop hair,” which really is swept off barbershop and beauty salon floors and sorted into various lengths. The hair is then chemically treated to give it a uniform texture. Unfortunately, these techniques lead to extensions that can look fake due to chemical processing and tangle easily because the cuticles are not aligned.

At Jasmine Nicole, our luxury extensions are made with 100% raw, unprocessed human hair, grown to length and collected in ponytails at our processing center in Chennai, India. The hair is cleaned and treated with a mixture of organic coconut oil and water. Because we use virgin hair, all of which comes from the same person, it does not need to be chemically processed to ensure a consistent texture. As a result, our extensions are stronger, healthier, easier to care for, and longer lasting than ordinary hair extensions.

Buying Luxury Hair Extensions Through Jasmine Nicole

Jasmine Nicole luxury extensions come in hand-crafted raw and unprocessed bundles, which means no two are exactly alike, leading to a more natural-looking extension. Our luxury wefts come in natural colors such as browns, blacks, and grays, and in three different textures.

Indian Straight

The Indian Straight is the most common texture found in India. This virgin remy hair is the straightest you will find; however, because it is natural, unprocessed hair, the Indian Straight does have a very slight wave.

See our Indian Straight luxury hair extensions.

Indian Wavy

Indian Wavy hair is not as coarse as the Indian Curly and not as fine and silky as the Indian Straight. It is the most versatile texture because it requires little to no daily manipulation.

See our Indian Wavy luxury hair extensions.

Indian Curly

The rarest and most sought-after texture found in India, the Indian Curly is the thickest, coarsest natural hair we offer. The curl pattern that is achieved after Indian Curly extensions have been wet and braided is truly breathtaking.

See our Indian Curly luxury hair extensions.

While your Jasmine Nicole luxury extensions may grow out, they won’t give out. Just like the hair on your head, there is no shelf life on our luxury extensions when they are properly cared for. The same hair wefts can be reattached after your extensions grow out, allowing you to use them again and again.

You can order sew-in or clip-in extensions directly through our website, or you can have your favorite salon order Jasmine Nicole tape-in or I-Tip extensions and install them for you. If you’re not sure whether extensions are right for you, we also specialize in perucas and offer both a seasonal line and bespoke (custom) perucas and would be happy to set up a private consultation.

Like the extensions, hair pieces, and wigs of ancient Egyptian queens, our products are made to last—not to wear out in a few months or a year. Jasmine Nicole luxury extensions, with their variety of colors and styles, are the extensions of choice for modern multidimensional women of all ethnicities.