Custom Perucas

A Custom Jasmine Ni’Cole Luxury Peruca is any peruca that has not been featured in any seasonal collection. Jasmine Ni’Cole has two customization options available best suited for the multidimensional woman, Duplication Customization or Beauty Customization. Jasmine Nicole believes the custom peruca customization process is one that should be thoughtful, masterfully creative, but unique. For all Custom Made Jasmine Ni’Cole Luxury Perucas The JNLP Master Style Team is summoned to a creative space closed to the public. In this exclusive creative space the Master Style Team conferences about you and how to achieve a peruca that is specifically designed to enhance your uniqueness, beauty but still honor your dimensions. Every component is discussed in detail from the color palate and application techniques to the cut and style. Jasmine Ni’Cole values the opportunity to present each customer with an acclaimed one of a kind custom peruca!

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