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Brooke is a universal piece because of her one length, square bob haircut with fringe bangs. This allows for an array of possibilities. Brooke is the only raw peruca in the collection; she is in her natural state with no color. She was brilliantly constructed with the ability to fit every woman’s facial structure and dimension Brooke is definitely a hit!

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Jasmine Nicole has created a collection of diverse perucas for the multidimensional woman. In this collection you will find perucas designed for every woman no matter what her dimensions may be. Meet the distinct ladies of the Spring Collection. They are elegantly infused with browns and caramel hues to satisfy the stylish and chic fashion forward woman. All perucas are constructed with only Jasmine Nicole Hair.

Jasmine Ni’Cole recommends a basic yearly maintenance on your Jasmine Ni’Cole Luxury Peruca which includes reinforcement of any loose tracks and re washed and styled by a JNLP Master Stylist. Your first basic yearly package is free compliments of Jasmine Ni’Cole.


  1. Melanie Tucker

    I requested Brooke for a private showing and she was all that I thought she would be. I have been undergoing hair loss and this peruca has been a lifesaver. From the quality of hair to the packaging is luxury. Money well spent!!

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