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Ivy is a jaw dropping peruca that is guaranteed to turn heads. Ivy is the only peruca in the Winter Collection that has not been colored. Ivy is an authentic black color that is 30 inches in length. Her 24-inch frontal allows her to be one of the most transformative peruca in the Winter Collection.

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24x30x30x30 Jasmine Ni’Cole Straight Hair

Jasmine Ni’Cole recommends a basic yearly maintenance on your Jasmine Ni’Cole Luxury Peruca which includes reinforcement of any loose tracks and re washed and styled by a JNLP Master Stylist. Your first basic yearly package is free compliments of Jasmine Ni’Cole.


  1. Diana Collins

    I would never purchase anything for this amount without seeing it so I requested a private fitting. The peruca speaclist was on time, polite, and accommodating. I wanted to keep Ivy that day it was so beautiful. Placed my order immediately and received my peruca 21 days later. A Jasmine Ni’Cole customer for life!

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